Best Wizzbangery


Entries will be judged based on their novelty, quality, and ability to inspire delight. May the coolest usage of Svelte win!


Best Library


With the addition of

, it's now easier than ever to publish NPM packages with svelte. This category is for packages that support and enrich the fast-growing ecosystem of tools in the Svelte community. Examples would be a UI or component Library, a data display component, or a tool for use in Svelte projects.


Best Ecosystem Integration


The "Best Ecosystem Integration" category recognizes submissions that seamlessly integrate Svelte with other web technologies. The web is a vast ecosystem of ideas and initiatives, and the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts!


Second Place


Second place winners in all 3 categories will each be awarded $1,000.

Third / Fourth / Fifth Place


The next 3 winners for each category will be awarded 1 Vercel Pro account and 1 Stackblitz Astronaut account courtesy of our sponsors.