• Your project must use Svelte as its primary dependency!
  • Team sizes must be between 1 and 3 members.
  • Submissions must have a demonstration video or working demo included in their README.
  • Submissions must be new. Projects started before Feb 17th are not eligible.
  • Submissions can’t be updated after April 17th.
  • If you’re below the legal age in your country, you will need to obtain written permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter.
  • You must be able to provide a link to your project on GitHub.
  • Closed-source code is not permitted.
  • One submission per person.

Who can’t enter?

  • Svelte Society Organizers
  • Svelte Ambassadors
  • Svelte Sirens Organizers
  • Svelte Org Members
  • Family Members of above orgs


  • Sveltehack, Svelte Society, and Svelte Org are teams of volunteers who cannot be held liable for any reason, and reserve the right to disqualify any submission for any reason they see fit.
  • To revoke a submission or ask a question, please contact
  • Svelte Society reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules in case of abuse.
  • All decisions and rulings are final.
  • Any taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the winner, and will not be paid by us.